OV-300 | (주)에이티엠


OV-300 Key Features

The OV-300 is an external monitoring device for the interior of the hot automotive painting oven booth.
It is possible to identify and take action on the cause of failure by monitoring the image from the outside without entering the high temperature oven booth, which causes safety problems such as personnel accidents It helps prevent it in advance.
  Photographing the inside of the high temperature to monitor the inside of the oven booth from the outside
  Air Fuzzy Housing Type Cooling and Product Lightweight Design for Safe Operation in High Temperature Environments
 In the event of an abnormality in the booth, video monitoring enables quick identification of the cause and action to prevent serious failures
LED lighting and large battery installation High-definition video quality and wired/
wireless monitoring system
The OV-300 is equipped with a 20W LED lighting camera interior and a 12V high capacity battery It accurately captures and communicates dark internal situations even in places where power is cut off. The OV-300 delivers high-definition image quality optimized for industrial sites and wired/wireless Real-time monitoring and video verification on smartphones and tablet PCs through communication It facilitates field analysis.

Component item

Carrier Loaded Items
1. Camera 1ea
2. Tablets PC 1ea
3. Battery pack 2ea(lithium ion 3S10P)
4. Compressor 1ea
5. A supporting rod 1set
6. Camera bar (Assembled) 1set(more than 2 meters long)
7. Air and control connection cables 1ea
8. Ethernet Gender and Cables 1set
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