AITZ 3DL | (주)에이티엠



  Ultra-precise 3D Scan Vision Sensor using Beam Project and CCD Camera
  Ultra-fast processing with scan speed of 0.2s and data processing speed of 0.5s
  Optimized for measuring and calibrating product locations in automation processes

AITZ 3DL enables faster and more accurate performance through independent algorithm development and application.

Product Specification

AITZ 3DL Specification

Model AITZ 3DL
Weight 7.3kg
Interface Gigabit LAN
Project light source RGB LED
Recommended operating temperature 15~25℃
Power supply 24V
Operating current 5A
Resolution 5MP
Width Distance 3000mm
Measuring range 1000mm
Near FOV 1760x1472(mm)
Far FOV 2463x2061(mm)
Resolution XY 1.5mm
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