AITZ 3D | (주)에이티엠



Ultra-precise 3D Scan Vision Sensor using
Beam Project and CCD Camera
Breakthrough noise rejection technology
and convenient user-interface
Optimized for quality inspection and positioning
by obtaining 3D geometry information

AITZ3D enables faster and more accurate performance through independent algorithm development and application.

Product Specification

AITZ3D Specification

Model AITZ3D
Weight 4.5kg
Interpace Gigabit LAN
Project light source RGB LED
Recommended operating temperature 15~25℃
Power supply 12V
Operating current 10A(Max)
Resolution 2MP
Width Distance 300~1500mm
Measuring range 1200mm
Near FOV 290x180
Far FOV 1200x830
Resolution XY 0.2mm ± 0.2mm
light intensity of light source Max. 150 lumens
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