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ATM is History


ATM is History
k_com_03_01.png 2019Jul.Ulsan Regional Star Company Selection
2019 Jan. Industrial Robot Black Box RB-300 Official Product Launch
2019 Jan. AITZ 3D Scan Vision Official Product Launch
2018Nov. 3D Scan Vision System Development Completed
2017Oct. Minister of SMEs and Startups Commendation
2016Jul.MOU for Intec Automation Business Agreement
2016 May. Minister of Employment and Labor Commendation
2016 Mar. Ulsan Venture Business Association President Award
2014Dec.MAIN-BIZ Verification Authentication
2014Dec.Export Growth Rate Excellent Company Reward
2014 Jan. Establishment of ATM Solution Sales Corporation
k_com_03_02.png 2013Jul.Renault Samsung Auto Partners Co., Ltd.
2013 Apr. Ulsan Global IP Star Company Designated
2011Oct.Before the completion of the new building of ATM Co., Ltd.
2011Aug.Ulsan Global Star Venture
2011Aug.GM Korea partner registration
2011Jun.The opening of ATM Seoul Branch
2010May. Convention on 'Project to Support Commercialization of
IT/SW Technology for Leading Companies'
k_com_03_03.png 2009 Mar. ATM Co., Ltd. Recognized as an Affiliated Research Institute
2007Aug.Certification of Venture Business Verification
2007Jul.ISO 9001 Quality Management System Recognition
2007Apr.Department dedicated to R&D
2005Apr.INNO-BIZ Verification Certification
2001May.COGNEX Company SI Partner Certification
1998Aug.Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. and Kia Motors Corp.
1997Aug.Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
k_com_03_04.png 1996Nov.Robot Simulation S/W 1st Development Completed
1996Oct.PPA (PC Protocol Analyzer) S/W Copyright Registration
1996Jul.Ulsan National University Signs Industry-Academic Cooperation in Electronic Engineering
1996Apr.Industry-Academic Cooperation of Yonsei University's Automotive Technology Research Institute (Joint Research Project Agreement)
1996 Feb.Daewoo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
1996 Feb. POSCO Industrial Technology Research Institute partner
1995Nov.Establishment of ATM Corporation Co., Ltd.
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