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CEO Greeting


CEO Greeting

Beyond the 20th anniversary of its foundation
We're going to grow into a strong company that lasts for over 100 years..”

ATM, a robot vision company, started as a factory automation vision company in 1995.
After surviving the IMF crisis in 1997, it has been growing with a lot of progress.

ATM's robot vision solutions, built with 20 years of accumulated technology,

include Hyundai/Kia Motors, Chevrolet Korea, Renault Samsung, It has been used not only by large domestic

and foreign companies such as Mobis and POSCO, but also by small and medium-sized enterprises.
IT products and solutions that can be used in a variety of environments,

from factory automation to black boxes for vehicles and robots.
We're offering it.

ATM has always valued R&D since its foundation.

Knowing that R&D is the only way for companies to grow, ATM has been actively investing in R&D since its inception.
We have achieved results such as increased sales, job creation, and income replacement.

ATM is a strong company that lasts more than 20 years and lasts more than 100 years through the development

of differentiated technology.
We're speeding up our efforts to improve our corporate competitiveness.

In order to promote its name in the global market as Korea's leading IT company,

ATM's executives and employees today are at the research center and at the site.
I am working hard with new ideas and passion, and I will be with future generations through continuous growth.

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