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Industrial black box


Industrial black box

Industrial black boxes can record and check the situation of industrial sites from time to time
and can be applied to various environments as well as automated robots.

k_bus_03_02.jpg Industrial black boxes are installed in robots in automated processes to record and store robot movements so that the cause of the accident can be identified through the robot's driving images in case of industrial accidents. Industrial black boxes provide high-quality video quality optimized for industrial sites, and can be viewed and downloaded from PCs and smartphones through high-sensitivity WIFI and TCP/IP communication. ATM's industrial black box can be used in various forms as well as monitoring automated robots.
k_bus_03_03.jpg Video quality optimized for industrial sites
Industrial black boxes provide high-definition Full HD and HD images optimized for industrial sites through various quality tests, and LED lights are applied to confirm images in dark places.
Industrial Field Monitoring System Checking the video through the WiFi
Industrial black boxes can be monitored in real-time
through HDMI image transmission in the office,
and preview, VOD view, and file download can be done
on the computer through TCP/IP frame.
Industrial black boxes can wirelessly check recorded
images through their own WiFi network and download
video data through PCs and smartphones.
k_bus_03_04.jpg k_bus_03_05.jpg
RB-100 RB-300
Form k_bus_03_06.jpg k_bus_03_07.jpg
Image quality HD HD/Full HD
Resolution 1280X720P 1280X720P/1920X1080P
Image codec H264 H264
Recording Permanent recording/Move recording Permanent recording/Move recording
Monitoring WIFI HDMI/WIFI/Ethernet
Storage SSD 128GB SD Card(Max. 256GB)
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