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3D SCAN Vision System


3D SCAN Vision System
feature · Structural Light-Based Precision 3D Scan Vision System Using Beam Modules and Industrial Cameras
· groundbreaking noise rejection technology
· User-Interface Convenient Features
· Simple and stable pattern matching(Patmax)
Application of
3D SCAN Sensors
· 3D Pattern Matching of Target
· Quality inspection of the target (dimensional and shape defect inspection)
· Specification inspection of target:
   vehicle roof specification inspection, tailgate specification inspection
· 3D Positioning System: Vehicle Glass Mounting System , Tire Mounting System
principle of measurement

System Configuration Diagram

3D Scan Positioning System

· The matching algorithm is applied to calculate the amount of movement(Δx, Δy, Δz, ΔRx, ΔRy, ΔRz)relative to the reference vehicle
· Transmits calculated movement to industrial robots, applies as offset, and mounts
· Applies technology that scans three or more vehicle frames and merges them into a single pointer cloud
· Low error rate and far superior mobility calculation even if the secondary position to be fitted is tilted or rotated
· Better positional correction rate than 2D vision when measuring 3D SCAN

Case Study of 3D Scan Location Calibration System

· AITZ 3D Glass Mounting System: 3D Area Scanning Sensor measures the body frame to which the glass will be mounted
   and extracts point cloud data
· AITZ 3D Tyre Tightening System: 3D Area Scanning Sensor measures the wheel hub to which the tire will be mounted
   and extracts point cloud data

3D Positioning Procedure

Generating mast
Mounting Position SCAN
Perform ICP Matching

Calculate the amount of movement relative to the reference position
Send to Position Deviation Robot
Mounting procedure

● Generating mast

· Using 2mm intervals based on CAD data or acquired by a 3D scan sensor

Mast video Image of overlap between
scan data and mast
Image After ICP Matching
(calculating the amount of movement)

Communication example

3D Specification Inspection System

· 3D Vision Implements Specification Test Not Possible with 2D Vision
· Multiple variants in one process
· Application of technology to measure two loops and merge them into one pointer cloud data

Case study of 3D specification inspection system

· AITZ 3D Roof Specification Inspection System: 3D Area Scanning Sensor detects vehicle roof curvature and checks specification
· AITZ 3D Tailgate Specification Inspection System: National Vehicle Number in the Same Model

3D Specification Inspection Procedure

Create/Register a mast
Perform ICP Matching

Curvature Map Extraction and
Feature Hall Detection or
Fitness and Overlap Calculation
Specification discrimination

● Generating mast

· Convert CAD data to point cloud data for use
· Scanning images can be set as mast data

3D SCAN image

3D SCAN Hall Detection Image

* Curvature map : If you are close to the sensor, it will appear blue, green, and red
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