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AITZ Glass Mounted Vision System

AITZ Glass Mounted Vision System

AITZ Glass Mounted Vision System combines AITZ 3Ds, AITZ LZ, and AITZ vision software developed by ATM with innovative completion and error range compared to the traditional glass-mounted vision system.
Accurately measure body deviation and install the glass in position, as well as re-calibrate the glass before installation for other environmental reasons, such as deformation of the vehicle body, change of glass curvature, and tilt during adsorption.


- Accurate and fast body deviation measurement with AITZ 3Ds(Time required: around 1 second)
- Final position deviation detail correction via AITZ LZ(Time required: around 2 seconds)
- Normal measurement for defective specifications such as interference in some 3D scan areas and vehicle deformation
- Normal measurement without interference and external lighting of some disturbances
- AITZ LZ measurements allow balanced mounting of the final vehicle to the correct position of the final vehicle, even if the glass mounting position is twisted due to vehicle position changes and other influences after 3D scanning
AITZ 3Ds AITZ LZ AITZ Vision Software
- Ultra-precise 3D scanning vision sensor using beam modules and industrial cameras.
- Ultra-fast processing power with 0.2s scanning speed and 0.5s data processing speed
- Optimized for product positioning and calibration of automation processes
- Customizable for various processes such as height, slope, gap, and shape measurement
- Identifies objects in dark spaces and minimizes color effects of color
- Our algorithm-based programs
- Convenient User-Interface
- Optimize connectivity through I/O and communication
Configuration diagram
AITZ Glass Mounted procedure
Measure body deviation with AITZ 3Ds scan
Mast 3D Data
(Acquired by 3D scan sensor)
Scan Data + Mast Data Matching Results
(△X,△Y,△Z,△Rx,△Ry,△Rz )calculation
Move to glass mounting position
Advanced measurement with AITZ LZ before final fit to respond to position changes
Measurement image Algorithmic applied images
Preprocessed video Gap Derived Results Video

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